Betting Limits At Blackjack

Betting Limits At Blackjack


Most casinos post their limits clearly at the blackjack tables with a sign then usually reads $1-$500 or $5-$500 betting limits vary from casino to casino. Within a casino it may vary from table to table. When no betting limit is sound on the table, the minimum game allowed maybe $1 or $2.

Most players are comfortable playing at certain limits. Casino executives recognize this and know that a beginner betting $2 a hand will disrupt and slow down a game in which experienced players are wagering $100 to $1,000 a card. Therefore, they set various betting limits and restrict play at: % tables according to the minimum limits imposed.

The following are the minimum limits at twenty-one tables: $l, $2, $5, $10 (rarely), $25, and $100. The highest maximum bets are usually either $500 or $1,000. Sometimes a table will be given over to a player at limits higher than those mentioned. watched a high roller at the Horseshoe Club in Las Vegas have a table to himself and bet with their gray $500 chips up to $5,000 a hand. It was a terrible mismatch, since the player didn’t know what he was doing.

When a player wagers on two hands at one time, he must usually bet double the minimum table limit on each hand: Thus, if he’s at a $5 table, he must bet $10 on each of his hands. This rule is sometimes in effect, sometimes not. In any event, it’s an arbitrary rule that makes no sense, but is generally enforced. Why one player must bet double what two players would bet separately is a mystery to me.

Maximum limits have climbed over the years. Whereas $200 maximum limits were fairly common in the smaller Las Vegas casinos and $500 was fairly standard even on the Strip, today the smaller casinos allow $500 as a maximum bet, while: The Strip casinos allow $3,000, $5,000, or more, depending upon the casino.

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