Heads-Up Texas Holdem Strategy


If you want to try and play a new structure while playing internet poker you should look at playing heads-up poker tournaments. These tournaments have grown in popularity and thousands of poker players everyday play them on Poker Stars. This is the best poker room to join if you want to play heads-up tournaments as they have them starting every couple of minutes. You can play heads-up tournaments with regular blinds which are every ten minutes or with turbo blinds which are every five minutes. If you’re new to heads-up tournaments then I would suggest playing in heads-up tournaments with a regular blind structure as it’s less hectic and gives you more playing time.

The strategy that works best when you’re playing heads-up Texas Holdem is to quickly establish being the aggressor on the table and don’t allow your opponent to do so. Any two cards can win any pot in heads-up poker so you don’t need to play your cards as much as you play your opponent. Right from the beginning of the match you need to begin watching how your opponent bets and pick up on any patterns you can find. Sometimes poker players will always follow a raise up with a bet and if you catch onto small things like this you can trap and bluff your opponents easily.

Since you aren’t always going to be getting cards in heads-up matches on Full Tilt Poker you need to be willing a lot preflop so that you give your opponent a false impression of strength. By raising the pot preflop they may assume you have a pretty good starting hand so if the flop comes out with high cards then you can follow up your raise with a bet. Often the other player will fold if you make the bet big enough and often a good bet size if the size of the pot.

When you do have a hand you need to try and slow play your opponent into betting until the river which at that point you obviously need to bet. You will also need to keep looking for hands that could beat yours and if any appear then you need to make a small bet to see where you stand. There is no point trying to slow play your opponent to find out that they outdrew you because you didn’t make any feeler bet.

Heads up poker on Full Tilt is a lot faster then your typical full table game so you need to pay close attention to the game and not have any distractions. You also don’t win as much money in these poker tournaments, but that’s because you only need to beat one player. If you begin getting good at playing heads-up tournaments and you’re winning money then you should consider playing in tournaments with 4+ players as they pay more. The tournaments can start with as little as 4 players and there always needs to be an even amount so that everyone has a heads-up player to play in the first round. If you win you move on and if you lose then you’re out of the tournament.

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