How the Casino Checks on a Player’s Action


Suppose, however, that another player has a terrific winning streak at the outset of play. Everything goes his way and he keeps pressing his bets. At the end of one hour he’s ahead $10,000 and he calls it a day. Well, he didn’t give the casino the action they really wanted, which was for four hours. And on top of it all, the casino bankroll has been depleted by $10,000. Will this player’s comps end? No way.

He’ll be given more and more, any enticement to keep his warm body at that hotel. The casino wants its money back, and casino operators figure that if he plays long enough, all the winnings will be returned to the casino’s money trays. They don’t want him to leave and play somewhere else. That would be a minor disaster.

If the player goes to another casino and loses all the money he won there, the first casino is still out $10,000, with no way to recoup it. On top of everything else, by taking away his comps, they’re alienating a big bettor who probably won’t return to their casino. So, big winner or big loser, the casino wants you to stay at its hotel and gamble in its casino. Casino personnel will be as flexible as they can; they’ll stretch that rubber band all the way to make sure you keep gambling at their place .

Player Membership Cards

In recent years, the casinos have come up with a new way to keep track of gamblers’ action and to rate the players without the necessity of someone in a pit watching their action. By issuing membership cards which are inserted in electronic games before the player starts gambling, casinos can keep track of slot, video poker, or any other kind of electronic game play. In some casinos the cards are also used for identification purposes at the table games.

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