How to Task Advantage


How can you legitimately take advantage of casino credit? The best way is by establishing credit at a few casinos that you are comfortable playing at, then using that credit in the best possible way.

First of all, most casinos will ask you to set a check-cashing limit of your own, an amount you don’t want to go over, for your own protection. If they don’t ask you, tell them you want this limit. In other words, even though you may have established a $10,000 credit line, if you state that you don’t ever want to sign a check for more than $2,000 while staying at the casino or have your outstanding unpaid markers exceed $2,000, then the casino will have to automatically cut off. Your credit for your own protection .

If they don’t do this, if they allow you to play for more than the $2,000, you may very well have a legitimate reason for not paying any gambling debts in excess of that, and the casino may back down and forget about these debts in excess of $2,000.

By doing this, you’ll prevent yourself from losing your entire credit line during one disastrous spree at the tables, when you’re losing heavily or have been drinking too much. Once that limit is reached your credit is cut off, and you’re action. This procedure is always suggested because it’s saved a lot of people from really hurting themselves at the tables.

When obtaining credit from a casino, you’ll be using their money free of charge, without paying interest or any other charges for it. To use it in the wisest possible way, play only at the games recommended in this ssite, with the methods outlined for best play. If you win with the casino’s money, it creates a beautiful situation for you and one the casino hates but can’t do anything about.

In other words, you’re using their money free of charge to beat them with, and you’re not in vesting a single cent of your own cash. Even if you lose a moderate amount, as sometimes happens, you can make arrangements to pay it off in an equitable and fair manner and you won’t pay one cent in interest for its use.

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