Pit Boss and Floor Persons

Pit Boss and Floor Persons


A pit is a collection of tables arranged in a loop, and though there may be many people who seem to have authority in the pit there is only one pit boss. That person’s responsibility is to ensure that the games are conducted according to casino procedures and that transactions such as refilling a table with chips or providing a marker are properly handled.

The pit boss is also the final authority in the pit on the subject of comps. Floor persons assist the pit boss. They monitor the change and chip requests, handle markers, rate players for comps, and generally supervise the games.


Dealers make the games go. They handle the cards, spin the balls, and take the chips. They are trained extensively in security procedures and usually spend weeks (sometimes months) learning how to properly deal each game. Nevertheless, they generally know little or nothing of the mathematics behind the contest.

The average blackjack dealer knows that a bet spread between $5 and $100 is the sign of a card counter, but the dealer probably can’t tell you why. Dealers are not card sharps. They don’t control the game in any way that allows them to determine the outcome. In most cases they prefer that you win because this means that you might give them a tip.

Dealers aren’t stupid, but they’re often not particularly involved in the game. They’re frequently young, part-timers, semi-retired, or bucking for a promotion to floor person. The dealer’s major concern is less about who is winning or losing and more about following procedures to avoid heat from the pit.

Slot supervisors and slot attendants

Slots have their own hierarchy. A slot attendant is the first person you’ll encounter if you have a question or problem with a machine. Slot supervisors (the slot equivalent of a pit boss) are over the attendants. The machines are repaired by slot technicians.

None of these people has any control over how often a slot pays. Most attendants don’t even know how a slot works. The average slot attendant thinks RNG is the minimum level of vitamins you should have every day.

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