Playing at a Loose Table


There will no doubt come a time in your Poker Stars playing career that you join a table that is very loose. In order to win at a loose table you need to change a few aspects of your game so that you don’t get burned. A loose table is actually a great type of table to make money on because there is always money flying around the table. The idea is to not let the money excite you and just play your cards as they come. Eventually you’ll hit a monster hand and you’ll be able to reap the rewards of your playing.

The first thing we need to look at is the fact that there are two types of loose tables. The first type of loose table which we’ll call the passive table calls a lot of bets to the river especially straight and flush draws. The second types of loose table which we’ll name aggressive will often raise the pots numerous times before the flop with players making the calls. Both tables on have differences in how you should play and we’ll look at some winning strategies for both.

At a passive table on the players love going into pots, but they don’t often raise the pots or make re-raises. They enjoy smaller pots, but remain very loose at the limits they play. In order to counter there aggression you’ll need to be able to throw your chips into the pot sometimes. You may receive callers on draws on this type of table, but don’t let a call scare you unless the draw hits. When you have a hand that you don’t want to lose with on a draw you should make a large enough bet to scare the players out of the pot. These players don’t throw money away so by making a large enough bet you should be able to take pots down when you’re winning them. You’ll also be able to see some cheap flops on this type of table and I recommend going into pots with marginal hands when you can for cheap because you never know what will hit.

At an aggressive table the players will often raise the pot and rarely just make flat-calls. The action usually goes back and forth with re-raises which makes your hand selection premium cards only. You can’t afford to into flops when the pots are being raised and re-raised unless you have premium hands. When you do get a premium hand these tables are great for trapping and making some money off of, you’ll just need to show some patience while you wait for a good hand. When you get small pairs or such hands and you want to raise the pot, make sure you raise it enough that people will fold. A small raise on an aggressive table will either be flat-called by a few people or even re-raised which isn’t good when you’re sitting with low pockets.

Playing at a loose table is very profitable if you can make the needed adjustments to your game. If you can then you should be able to trap the players and double up a couple times in your session. Make sure when you win some chips you don’t change your game any, often players start playing loose like there competition when on a table like this and it costs them money.

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