The Security Measures Used by Online Poker Rooms and Casinos


Most poker players who have never tried online poker always think that online games are unfair. There are so many misunderstandings and false information floating around, that new players seem to be scared to try signing up at online sites. However, the truth is that poker sites are honest and fair in their dealings. They do not cheat their players and they also ensure that there are no players who undertake any type of cheating on their site. Given below are a few reasons why these sites do not cheat and a few measures that they take to ensure the security of their players:


Online poker sites are there to make a profit and their profit is at stake if their reputation is lost due to some reason. These sites cannot take any risks which might harm their reputation since it doesn’t really take very long for news to spread in the online poker community. For this reason, they are always careful to ensure that the play is always fair on their site.

Fighting Collusion

One of the biggest ways in poker cheats, even at land based casinos, is by collusion. Two or more players at the table might join hands and share the information about their cards with each other. This might even happen at online casinos where the players might share the information through phone or chat. However, you should know that most sites today have rules to fight against this. Players who have the same IP cannot actually play at the same table.

Betting Patterns

All poker rooms make use of software to watch the pattern of the players as far as betting is concerned. The software which is used is highly sophisticated and it will instantly be able to detect when players are playing as a group or when collusion takes place. This makes it not just difficult, but actually impossible for the players to cheat online. The history, cash out requests and all the other details are tracked by the software. Manual checks are also in place and every site has a representative who keeps his/her eyes open for chip dumping, inconsistent player betting or any other type of illegal behavior. This makes it impossible for the players to cash out their winnings even if they have managed to cheat at the table.

There are quite a lot of other security measures too which are used by online poker cheating sites to detect cheating. However, some of these are not made public for reasons of secrecy. The purpose here is to not reveal all of the security measures used by sites so that cheating players do not try and find a way around it. Poker sites are actually concerned about the security of their players as much as they are concerned about their own profits. Most of the methods used by these sites for security are sufficient and they ensure that their players are protected in every possible way.

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