Winning Baccarat Systems

Winning Baccarat Systems


There are several basic reasons why we discuss betting systems for baccarat and dismiss such systems for a game such as roulette. First of all, in baccarat, each round of play, other than a tie, results in a win for either player or bank. There is nothing equivalent to the 0 and 00 in roulette to destroy a system. And ties, as we know, are standoffs, where neither bank nor player loses.

Second, we have a unique situation in baccarat. One side wins more casinobonus ohne einzahlung often than the other. The bank bet wins 50.68 percent of the time, and this is an important factor in systems play.

Even though the house takes 5 percent as its commission, it only takes a 5 percent cut on winning bank bets, not on all bank wagers, so if a player loses betting bank, he is not paying additional vigorish on losing bets.

We must mention a third factor, inherent in other gambling games as well. As any serious player knows, games run in streaks. Sometimes in baccarat the bank hand will win one round after another, and at other times the player hand will do the same thing. The odds of the game, however, favor the bank hand, and winning streaks tend to be longer and stronger on the bank side.

The following methods of betting put all these factors to good use. We’ll use the bank bet as the basic wager and try to take advantage of winning streaks on that side of the layout.

When playing baccarat, it’s very easy to keep track of winning and losing bets on a scorecard furnished either by the house, or supplied by the player himself. The game is a leisurely one, and there’s plenty of time to make the proper notations.

The card can be quite simply set up, showing bank, player, tie, and bet, and whether or not it was a winner or loser.

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